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Get the financing you need to move from leasing to owning!

Fidelis Business Funding Solutions, LLC has teamed with non-bank direct commercial lenders to help small business owners grow their business through flexible financing programs.  We specialize in helping small business owners who do not qualify for traditional financing offered by banks or do not have time to wait for their bank to make a decision.  If you are looking to purchase, construct, renovate, or refinance an existing business loan give us a call.

Flexible Financing Options:

  • Loan amounts: $350,000 to $5,000,000
  • Normally 10-20% down
  • Owner-Occupied may qualify for ZERO down
  • Pre-Approval within 24 hours
  • SBA Loan Consultation & Packaging

Use Financing For:

  • Owner-occupied real estate
  • Business acquisition
  • Franchise Financing
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Blended Financing